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NIC 2013 Annual Report

Connecting People to Their Government

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Services Commenced: 2011

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Business Xpress was recognized as one of the best business-to-government eGov services of 2013.


Services Commenced: 2000

The state signed a two-year contract extension with Idaho Information Consortium through June 2015.


Services Commenced: 2001

The Prescription Drug Registry received an honorable mention for outstanding eGov services launched in 2013.


Services Commenced: 2000 was recognized as a finalist in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


(State Agency Partner) Services Commenced: 2009

The Department of Motor Vehicles and its parent, the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department signed a one-year contract extension with New Mexico Interactive through 2014.


Services Commenced: 2005

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles continued to receive accolades for the “Save Time. Renew Online!” campaign, with a W3 Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts.


Services Commenced: 1995 was recognized as a finalist in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 2001

The state signed a one-year contract extension with Oklahoma Interactive through Dec. 2014.


Services Commenced: 2009 was recognized as a finalist in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 1997 was recognized as a finalist in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 1997

The portal assisted the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division in creating the state's first multi-lingual mobile application.


Services Commenced: 2011 was recognized as a finalist in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 2002’s user-friendly design was recognized for the third consecutive year with a Communicator Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts.


Services Commenced: 2000 received top honors taking first place in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 2013

In 2013, NIC through its Wisconsin Interactive Network subsidiary, secured a new partnership with the state of Wisconsin. The contract term is for five years with state renewal options through 2023.


Services Commenced: 1995

The myBMV website was recognized as one of the best government-to-citizen eGov services of 2013.


Services Commenced: 2003

The commonwealth signed a one-year contract extension with Kentucky Interactive through Aug. 2014.


Services Commenced: 2007

The state signed a one-year contract extension with West Virginia Interactive through June 2014.


Services Commenced: 2005 took fourth place in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition ranking of state web portals.


(State Agency Partner) Services Commenced: 2013

In 2013, Virginia Interactive signed contracts with two of its largest legacy agency partners, the Virginia Supreme Court and the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, to continue operating eGov services on behalf of the agencies.


Services Commenced: 2011

The portal helped launch the Veteran’s Directory, which was recognized as one of the best business-to-government eGov services of 2013.


Services Commenced: 2011

In 2013, the portal helped launch MD Prepares, the state’s official emergency management mobile application.


Services Commenced: 2009

The state signed a one-year contract extension with New Jersey Interactive through June 2014.


Services Commenced: 2012

In 2013, the portal helped mobile-enable hundreds of state agency websites.


Services Commenced: 1999 took second place in the 2013 “Best of the Web” completion ranking of state web portals.


Services Commenced: 2014

In January 2014, NIC through its Connecticut Interactive subsidiary, secured a five-year contract with renewals that can extend the agreement through 2020.


Services Commenced: 2006

The state signed a new contract with Vermont Information Consortium to manage its eGov services for up to six years.


Services Commenced: 1999

The state signed a two-year contract extension with Maine Information Network through June 2016. In addition, took fifth place in the 2013 “Best of the Web” competition.


Services Commenced: 1992

The state signed a one-year contract extension with Kansas Information Consortium through Dec. 2014.


Services Commenced: 1999

The state signed a two-year contract extension with Maine Information Network through 2016.

Some barriers are meant to be broken.

The Berlin Wall fell. Apartheid ended.

Men landed on the moon.

It is not the people versus the government. The people are the government. Connecting with government is not a privilege, but a right. Sometimes that access happens by breaking down barriers of racial, gender, and class inequality. Oftentimes, that access is more subtle–breaking down the barriers to government through technology with the swipe of a tablet to retrieve necessary information, or just a few clicks to complete a required business filing. Millions of these everyday connections between the people and their government are what NIC is all about. It is our sole, defining purpose. And yet, making eGovernment connections ‘click’ requires a vast infrastructure of partnership, user experience, innovation, mobility, payment processing, technology, security, and funding–all of which is

largely and purposely unnoticeable to citizens or business owners as they make their way through government online services or mobile applications. But, it is that carefully balanced and strategically planned infrastructure upon which our reputation depends and from which our financial success is derived. It constitutes the anatomy of modern eGovernment.

2013 may be remembered as the turning point when “dot gov” became the primary means of government for millions of Americans. And NIC was there, making government accessible one transaction at a time.


NIC Leadership Team

Our lifeblood is coming up with new ways to apply technology to imporove government.
Harry Herington
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board NIC Inc.
ROBERT W. KNAPPChief Operating Officer

Robert W. Knapp was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer in January 2012. From February 2009 until this appointment, he served as the Company’s Executive Vice President. Mr. Knapp joined the Company in November 1999 and has served in various management capacities, including Director of Marketing for the Company’s Indiana portal subsidiary, President and General Manager of the Company’s Kansas portal subsidiary, Regional Manager, and most recently Vice President of Portal Operations. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Knapp was a director of information systems with Alltel. Mr. Knapp holds a B.S. in business administration and an M.B.A from the University of Tulsa.

Aimi M. DaughteryChief Accounting Officer

Aimi Daughtery has served as the Company’s Chief Accounting Officer since January 2011. Ms. Daughtery joined the Company in November 2007 and served as the Company’s Controller until January 2011. Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Daughtery served as the Controller of Mediware Information Systems, Inc. for one year and served as a Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Wells Fargo Financial for one year. Prior to these positions, Ms. Daughtery worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP for 12 years, most recently serving as an audit Senior Manager until her departure. Ms. Daughtery is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a B.A. in accounting from Buena Vista University.

WILLIAM F. BRADLEY JR.Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary

William F. Bradley, Jr. was appointed to the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer in January 2012. From May 2006 until this appointment, he served as the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. He has served as the Company’s Secretary since May 1998 and General Counsel since July 1998. In addition, Mr. Bradley served as a director from May 1998 to February 1999, and Executive Vice President of Strategy, Policy and Legal from July 1998 to May 2006. From January 1995 to the present, he has served in various executive capacities with the Company’s subsidiaries, including President and CEO of Indiana Interactive from September 1995 to May 2001. Prior to joining the Company in 1995, he was engaged in the private practice of law in Kansas for 14 years. From June 1987 to September 1993, as a volunteer, Mr. Bradley organized and led the ad hoc group that created the Information Network of Kansas (INK), a quasi-state entity. He served as INK’s first chairman as it procured and then oversaw the outsourced state portal contracts in Kansas. Mr. Bradley holds a B.A. degree in English from the University of Kansas, and a J.D. degree from the University of Kansas School of Law.

HARRY H. HERINGTONChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Harry H. Herington is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Herington joined NIC in 1995, and is considered one of the early founders that helped transform the small Kansas start-up into a nationally recognized company. During his career at NIC he has served in various operational capacities leading the Company’s core buisness and became CEO and Chairman in 2008. In 2012, he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Award for technology in the Central Midwest Region. Before joining NIC, Mr. Herington began his career in law enforcement in Texas and Kansas, later serving as the Associate General Counsel for the League of Municipalities. Mr. Herington holds a B.S. degree from Wichita State University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Kansas School of Law.

Ron ThornburghSenior Vice President of Business Development

Ron Thornburgh is the Senior Vice President of Business Development, where he leads the Company’s national sales team and marketing efforts. Mr. Thornburgh began his career in the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. Starting as a student in the mailroom, he worked his way through the ranks and was elected in 1994 to the first of four terms in office. In 2002 he was recognized as a Digital Government “Agent of Change” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after leading Kansas to national prominence with the introduction of the Kansas Online Uniform Commercial Code filing system in July 2001. He has served on several government association and nonprofit boards, including five-time honorary chairman of the Kansas Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run and Past President of the National Association of Secretaries of State. Mr. Thornburgh holds a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University.

STEPHEN M. KOVZANChief Financial Officer

Stephen M. Kovzan has served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer since August 2007. Mr. Kovzan joined the Company in October 1999 and served as the Company’s Controller until September 2000, at which time he became the Company’s Vice President of Financial Operations and Chief Accounting Officer, serving as such until August 2007. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Kovzan served as a business assurance manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Mr. Kovzan is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a B.S. in business administration from the University of Tulsa and an M.S. in business from the University of Kansas.

Click an individual to learn more.

Tap an individual to learn more.

Better Access = Better Government

We know that the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow.
President Obama State of the Union Address, Jan. 2014

We agree with the President–100 percent. And, NIC is doing its part to push innovation in the area of eGovernment services. We believe innovation includes how government interacts with businesses and citizens online. In 2013, NIC launched more than 650 new online services. We’ve only scratched the surface of how government can be more accessible online. We believe that whatever can be conducted over the Internet, definitely should be.

Here are a few examples of new services we helped launch in 2013:

Nebraska Adds To ClickDMV

The suite of online services offered by Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicles at continued to expand this year with the addition of an online service to receive a second or replacement handicap parking permit, as well as the Ignition Interlock Permit Eligibility online service. The replacement handicap parking permit service eliminates the need for handicapped drivers to make a trip to the DMV, saving 160 disabled citizens a month a trip to the Nebraska DMV for a second or replacement handicap parking permit. Last year, the Nebraska DMV received more than 86,000 calls related to those charged with driving under the influence, including inquiries about ignition interlock permits, driver license reinstatement requirements, driver license points, and more. Now users can check their eligibility status and get many other related questions answered online.

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Today, we’re officially launching another tool for more efficient, more streamlined government; a tool for easing the administrative burden on businesses...
Martin O’malley Maryland Governor
Quick Stat 001:

NIC services not only make government more accessible, they make our country safer. The Company continues to see strong results from its self-funded federal service, the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP).

A 2013 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that trucking and bus companies usingthe Pre-Employment Screening Program decreased both their crash rates and instances of drivers placed out-of-service due to safety violations.

This study estimated:

Quick Stat 002:

NIC’s Director of Marketing, Hillary Hartley, was the second NIC employee to be selected by the White House to participate in the Presidential Innovation Fellows program.

She served on the MyUSA project designed to create tools and services to enable a unified experience across the websites of the federal government.

Quick Stat 003:

In 2013, the University of Utah surveyed nearly 1,500 users on online government business services in Arkansas, Indiana, and Kansas, revealing:


gave positive ratings to the online services provided in their respective states.


said eGovernment services make it easier to conduct business with their state.


saved time using eGovernment services over off-line methods.


preferred to conduct their business with state government online.

in Touch

Have you heard of Luke Wroblewski? He is the former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! and Lead User Interface Designer at eBay.

He spoke to our technology employees this past fall at our annual Tech Conference. His message? It echoed our mantra, “mobile first.”

It is the leading aspect of our Company’s research-and-development mindset and an area that evolves with every advancement in mobile technology. In fact, NIC has been developing mobile solutions since 2002. There was a time when mobile first meant taking a lean version of a website and coding it to render properly on a mobile device. From there, mobile advanced to responsive design that would automatically detect the device being used and scale content and design accordingly—code written once and used across multiple devices. Today, mobile first is somewhat synonymous with touch first—incorporating elements that work with all of

In 2013, NIC launched a total of 326 native and responsive-designed mobile applications. Here are a few of the highlights:

Tennessee Smartway Mobile App

In its first six months, the Tennessee SmartWay mobile application was downloaded more than 100,000 times. Created in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), the application allows motorists to avoid troubles on Tennessee highways. The application monitors traffic speeds, allows users to save any TDOT road camera as a favorite, sends incident notifications related to users’ specific routes, and more.

Pennsylvania Mobile Web

With the launch of the Pennsylvania porta, our team in Harrisburg went to work to quickly redesign the portal and place 113 agency pages into responsive design. This allowed main agency pages to be viewed properly from any type of mobile device. In the first three months after the pages were placed into responsive design, nearly 20 percent of total traffic came from a mobile device.

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Kansas Criminal History Record Search

In partnership with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, NIC’s team in Topeka updated the State’s Criminal History Record Search service, making it mobile-enabled. In addition to working across multiple mobile devices, the enhanced service also uses KanAccess, a new login process that allows users to manage services with a single sign on.

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Native Mobile Apps

1. EV Stations Hawaii

Named the best “Energy Mobile App” by the Web Marketing Association, the EV Stations Hawaii mobile application leads drivers. leads drivers to locate publicly available electric vehicle charging stations throughout Hawaii. The app is complete with a map and directions to the nearest charging station.

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Native Mobile Apps


Native Mobile Apps

4. Reef Defender

One of the first mobile application games launched by NIC, Reef Defender helps kids learn that what happens on land affects the ocean. The app features the ancient Hawaiian technique of using a system of land and sea stewardship involving the entire ahupua’a (watershed).

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5. MS.Gov Mobile

The enhanced mobile application for the official website of the State of Mississippi provides quick reference to state agencies, services, alerts, social media, news, and more.

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Open for Business

In the anatomy of modern government, 24/7 connection is the expectation, not the exception. Secure payment processing is a key component in keeping government “storefronts” open online around the clock.

In 2013, NIC processed $25 billion securely on behalf of its government partners. Sometimes, simply providing a government agency with the ability to accept credit cards makes a big difference in making government more accessible. When payment options are limited, it creates an unnecessary barrier for citizens and businesses to connect with government. We have been bringing this access to local municipalities for years, and in 2013 added Winfield, West Virginia; Sayre, Oklahoma; and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to the list of cities whose residents can now use credit or debit cards to pay for a variety of government services.

NIC Services is the division that manages the Company’s payment processing system that enables our partners to accept debit and credit cards.

NIC Services launched its largest partnership in 2013 with a new service in the state of North Carolina – an online lien agency system, We believe in good governance of industry. Sometimes this results in developing new eGovernment services for agencies such as the Secretary of State’s office. Other times, good governance of industry happens outside of government – as is the case with In response to legislation that passed in North Carolina, the owner of construction projects that meet the statutory criteria must appoint an authorized lien agency. Also, anyone furnishing labor or materials in connection with construction projects, such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. must give written notice to a designated mechanical lien agent of the owner to preserve their lien rights. The new service allows these interested parties to efficiently and securely record their lien rights through a web-based online system. What’s unique about the LiensNC partnership, is that it is not part of a larger state contract. Rather, the partnership is with LiensNC LLC, a coalition of nine title insurance underwriters in North Carolina.

Jayne Friedland Holland Chief Security Officer
Jayne Friedland HollandChief Security Officer

Earlier this year, NIC’s Chief Security Officer Jayne Friedland Holland, shared with Computerworld magazine one of the “15 Ways to Protect eCommerce Sites:” “Employees also need to be educated on the laws and policies that affect customer data and be trained on the actions required to keep it safe.” In June, she shared in a guest column for Government Security News, “Passwords are the first line of defense in protecting against hackers and malicious software.”


What Are Good Connections Worth?

Connecting people with government continues to be a growing need and a thriving business.

2013 was one of NIC’s strongest years yet as we continued to see record growth from our eGovernment services. The DPS Direct suite of services launched on behalf of the Texas Department of Public Safety during the third quarter of 2012, continued to perform strongly throughout 2013, as did the New Jersey Temporary Vehicle Tag registration service—these among other services helped contribute to NIC’s record levels of samestate non-DMV revenue growth.

Helping people connect with their government also continued to bring national recognition to NIC in 2013. In May, NIC was once again selected to the Barron’s 400 Index. Making this index for at least two consecutive years places NIC in a very exclusive group–just 1.5 percent of all companies in North America remain on the list for two consecutive years. By November, NIC received more good news that Forbes ranked us #11


A Home
Game Has Advantages

At NIC, we know that creating access to government cannot happen from a remote corporate headquarters.

It takes place one local, dedicated, capital city team at a time working to bring access to government in the customized way that is necessary for that state. And, while we believe access to government is a key way to improving people’s lives, we also invest our time, talents, and resources in the communities in which we serve. To us, giving back to the community is not only our corporate culture, it’s our way of life. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are as an NIC family.

I firmly believe the No. 1 job I have is to set the culture of the company. That’s going to drive success. That’s going to drive integrity. That’s going to drive everything about the company.
NIC CEO Harry Herington As quoted in the May 19, 2013 “Corner Office”
column in the New York Times

Less than 24 hours after the devastating May 20, 2013 tornado in Moore, Okla., NIC’s Oklahoma City team worked with the Governor to launch the OKStrong disaster recovery website. Following the development of the OKStrong site, the team worked with State Chief Information Officer Alex Pettit to build additional online services to assist with recovery efforts, launching Owner Connect, Pet Connect, and Donor Connect online services. Owner Connect served as a photo gallery and allowed citizens to upload images of items they found, descriptions of the items, and contact information. Pet Connect provided an online gallery of pets displaced by the tornado that were taken to area pet shelters, and Donor Connect operated similar to a bridal registry providing a list of donations that were needed by local non-profit organizations, allowing individuals to upload a form stating they would fulfill a particular donation need, and then tracking the remaining balance of items that were still needed. This suite of services that would have normally taken a team more than two weeks to develop, was launched within just four days.

Each year, NIC recognizes the individuals that go above and beyond in giving back to their community with the Citizen and Team of the Year awards.

In 2013, NIC’s Corporate Communications Specialist, Dessi Tomova, won the Citizen of the Year award for organizing and participating in several local community involvement activities. She played a key role in increasing NIC corporate employee participation in a variety of community and wellness initiatives. NIC’s Hawaii team won the Company’s Team of the Year award for their work to clean up area beaches, clearing trails, adopting families during the holidays, and more. The Hawaii team also created a dedicated website that tracks their community involvement, complete with employee profiles that list their favorite charities and recent participation.

Wellness plays a big role in NIC’s culture and its volunteer efforts. Several times a year, NIC teams are competing in charity run-walks or donating blood. These efforts culminated with NIC being named as one of the healthiest employers in Greater Kansas City in December 2013.

Ride4Cops, which NIC’s CEO Harry Herington founded in 2009,

was featured on NBC’s Today Show. Accompanied by governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general, Harry led by example, and in his spare time took his message of supporting families of fallen officers to eight states in 2013: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In August, the Massachusetts Ride4Cops ceremony in Boston paid tribute to MIT Officer Sean Collier who was murdered earlier in the year in conjunction with the Boston Marathon bombing. Harry shared with the Today Show, “The most rewarding part is the family members. I was unprepared for the emotion–they are so grateful that someone remembers their fallen hero–remembers them as a person.”


Best of the Web

1st Place
Best of Web
2nd Place
4th Place
South Carolina
5th Place
Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Awards Index

AAMVA Pace Award

Honorable Mention
Texas, TV Commercials, “Hector” and “The Hendersons”

Best Fit Integrator awards

Best Fit Integrator Exceptional Service Award
Arkansas, Education Services: Arkansas Career Pathways Data Management System
Best Fit Integrator Long Term Service Award
South Carolina, 'Palmetto Pay' Payment Processing Solutions
Best Fit Integrator Performance Award
Arkansas, Licensing: Arkansas State Board of Nursing Online License Application System

Best of State

Winner: Best Web-Based Community

Bronze Quill Award

Honorable Mention
Texas, 2012 Marketing Campaign Texas, 2012 Online ads Texas, 2012 TV Commercials

Davey Award

Gold: Government Website
Silver: Government Website
Maine, Maryland,
Silver: Professional Services
Silver: Educational Website
Indiana, Learn More Indiana
Silver: Mobile Websites for Education
Indiana, Learn More Indiana

Digital Government Achievement Award

Winner: Government-to-Government
Arkansas, Arkansas Centralized Electronic Network of Sex Offender Registry (CENSOR) Oklahoma, Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services’ Legislative Analysis Application
Winner: Government Internal
Arkansas, Arkansas State Jobs Applicant Tracking Module
Winners: Government-to-Business
Delaware, Veteran Directory (GIC) with Single Sign-on provisioned by Delaware Interactive Hawaii, Hawaii Maintains Sustainable Fisheries with Electronic Fishing Trip Reporting Kansas, Kansas Courts Mobile Services New Jersey, Alcotest Inquiry System Oregon, Oregon Secretary of State’s Business Xpress
Honorable Mentions: Government-to-Business
Indiana, Economic Development Corporation Project Information Management System NIC Technologies, Department of Transportation, Pre-Employment Screening Program
Winners: Government-to-Citizen
Hawaii, Electronic Marriage and Civil Union Registration System Indiana, myBMV website Indiana, INSPECT, Prescription Drug Monitoring System Mississippi, Department of Wildlife, Hunting and Fishing License Suite Tennessee, Department of Transportation’s SmartWay mobile application Utah, My Case
Honorable Mention: Government-to-Citizen
Montana, Montana’s Prescription Drug Registry
Driving Digital Government Award
Nebraska, Nebraska Handicap Parking Permit Application and Management System Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin’s Governors Appointment Suite of Services
Winner: Business to Business
Utah, My Case

Excellence.Gov Award

Utah, One-Stop Business Registration

GMIS Elite Achiever Award

Portal Redesign
South Carolina,

Hermes Creative Award

Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks Android Mobile Application

Horizon Award


IACA Merit Award

Merit Award
South Carolina, UCC Online - South Carolina Secretary of State

Interactive Media Award (IMA)

Government: IMA Best in Class Award
Arkansas, Arkansas, Gov2Go Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, Utah,
Outstanding Achievement
Delaware, HTML5 Professional License

Marcom Award

Gold: Design (Web)/Website Redesign
Gold: Website/Government
Gold: Mobile & Web-Based Technology/Mobbile Website

Mobile Web Award

Best Energy Mobile Application
Hawaii, EV Stations Hawaii
Outstanding Mobile Government Website

National Association of Government Webmasters Pinnacle Award



Outstanding Achievement
Delaware, Delaware State Police Mobile CrimeStoppers App for iOS and Android Nebraska, Nebraska Handicap Parking Permit Application and Management System
Finalist: Fast Track
Utah, Bill Watch
Finalist: Open Government Initiatives
Utah, uGATE
Finalist: Government-to-Citizen
Utah, My Case

Public Technology Institute

Leader in Innovative Application of Web 2.0 Technologies and Civic/Social Media Tools
Delaware, Public Integrity Reporting System

PTI - Web 2.0 Awa rds

Utah, MDI 2.0

Stevie Award

Customer Service Department of the Year, Public Services & Education

Summit Creative Award

Innovator Award for Emerging Media
Silver: Government
Indiana, Indiana State Fair
Bronze: Government
Indiana, Maine,

The Communicator Award

Silver: Education
Indiana, Learn More Indiana
Gold: Government
Silver: Government
Indiana, Indiana State Fair Maine,
Gold: Homepage
Silver: Homepage
Silver: Integrated Campaign - Business-to-Consumer
Texas, 2012 Advertising Campaign
Silver: Structure and Navigation
Silver: Travel/Tourism
Indiana, Indiana State Fair
Gold: Visual Appeal
Silver: Visual Appeal
Indiana, Learn More Indiana Indiana, Indiana State Fair
Silver: Web Application and Services
Alabama, Texas, Texas Driver License Renewal

Utah Innovation Award

Honorable Mention
Utah, Utah.Gov Master Index

Visual Excellence in the Multimedia Arts (VEMA)

Government Website Winners
Alabama, Maryland, Utah,

W3 Award

Alabama, Colorado, Save Time. Reneew Online! Marketing Campaign Maryland,
Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Promotional Video

WEB Award

Government Standard of Excellence
Outstanding Website, Government
Outstanding Achievement
Best Government Rich Media Online Campaign
Texas, 2012 Online Advertising Campaign
Winner: Best of Government

Western Attorneys General Award (WAGGY)

Best Redesign
Arkansas, Attorney General website

Board of Directors


Governor Wilson, 80, is a Principal at Bingham Consulting Group, a business consulting firm. He previously served as Governor and U.S. Senator for the state of California and Mayor of San Diego. He is also a Director of The Irvine Corporation and U.S. Telepacific Corporation. He became an NIC Director in 1999.

Compensation and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees
Ross C. HartleyDirector

Mr. Hartley, 66, is a co-founder of NIC and former President of The Hartley Insurance Group. He is also a Director of the Empire District Electric Company. He became a Director of the original companies that ultimately formed NIC Inc. beginning in 1991, and later an NIC Director upon the Company’s formation in 1998.

Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee

Governor Henry, 50, is of counsel to the law firm of Lester, Loving and Davies in Edmond, Okla., and is a founding member of Henry-Adams Companies, LLC. He was appointed by President Obama to the federal Council of Governors. He previously served as the Governor of Oklahoma, and was only the third governor in the state to serve two consecutive terms. He became an NIC Director in 2011.

Compensation and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees
Alexander C. KemperDirector

Mr. Kemper, 48, is Chairman of The Collectors Fund, a private equity fund, and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pollenware, a trade settlement company. He is a Director of UMB Financial Corp., AXA, ArtUSA, and several privately held companies. He became an NIC Director in 2007.

Chair, Compensation Committee, and Audit Committee
Karen S. EvansDirector

Ms. Evans, 54, is an independent consultant and the National Director of U.S. Cyber Challenge, a nationwide talent search and skills development program focused on the cyber workforce. She previously served as the de facto Chief Information Officer under President George W. Bush. She became an NIC Director in 2011.

Audit and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees

Governor Evans, 88, is Chairman of Daniel J. Evans Associates Consulting, a public policy consulting firm, and previously served as Governor and U.S. Senator for the state of Washington. He is also a Director of Costco Wholesale Corporation and Archimedes Technology Group. He became an NIC Director in 1998.

Compensation and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees
William M. LyonsDirector

Mr. Lyons, 58, is the former President and CEO of American Century Companies, Inc., a Kansas City-based investment manager. Mr. Lyons is also a Director of Morningstar, Inc. and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. He became an NIC Director in 2009.

Chair, Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee, and Audit Committee
Art N. BurtscherLead Independent Director

Mr. Burtscher, 63, is President-Western Region of Westwood Trust. He is also a Director of Novation, and several privately held companies. He became an NIC Director in 2004 and was named Lead Director in 2008.

Chair, Audit Committee, and Compensation Committee
HARRY HERINGTONChairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Herington, 54, is the Chief Executive Officer of NIC and previously served as the Company’s President, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of Portal Operations. He became an NIC Director in 2006.

Click an individual to learn more.

Tap an individual to learn more.

Committee Memberships

Audit Committee
  • Art N. Burtscher, Chair
  • Karen S. Evans
  • Alexander C. Kemper
  • William M. Lyons
  • Alexander C. Kemper, Chair
  • Art N. Burtscher
  • Daniel J. Evans

  • C. Brad Henry
  • Pete Wilson
  • William M. Lyons, Chair
  • Daniel J. Evans
  • Karen S. Evans
  • Ross C. Hartley
  • C. Brad Henry
  • Pete Wilson

Contacting the Board of Directors

Communications to NIC’s Board of Directors should be sent via e-mail to or in writing to:

Board of Directors
  • NIC Inc.
  • 25501 West Valley Parkway
  • Suite 300
  • Olathe, Kansas 66061

The Board’s committee charters, the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and Corporate Governance Principles and Best Practices may be found on the Company’s website at and may be obtained in print by contacting the Investor Relations Department at or (913) 498-EGOV.

Outside Counsel

  • Stinson Leonard Street LLP
  • 1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2900
  • Kansas City, Missouri 64106
  • (816) 842-8600

Independent Registered
Public Accountants

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 1300
  • Kansas City, Missouri 64106
  • (816) 472-7921

Stockholder Information

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of NIC Inc. stockholders will be held on May 6, 2014
at The Oread, 1200 Oread Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66044.

A formal notice about how to access the proxy statement and proxy form (along with the 2013 Form 10-K), will be mailed in advance of the meeting to all stockholders of record entitled to vote. Stockholders are encouraged to attend the meeting, but those unable to do so are asked to sign and return the proxy form


NIC Inc.’s common stock is traded on NASDAQ Global Select market under the symbol “EGOV.”

Go To Nasdaq: Egov

Stockholder Information


Copies of NIC’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, and other publications are available free of charge upon request.

Inquiries should be directed to: Angela Davied
  • Angela Davied
  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • & Investor Relations
  • 25501 West Valley Parkway
  • Suite 300
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